How to Make Electricity

Learning where electricity comes from can rock!
Is it possible to make a battery out of ordinary things such as cola and various metal items?
Here’s your chance to find out which combinations will generate the highest power.
The battery (also known as a Galvanic cell) you create will work in accordance with the rules of science and create an exciting discovery. Better yet, our virtual lab will give you a more powerful and vivid experience than the real thing. And when we say more power, of course we mean more fun!
Hydroelectric Power
Did you know that 16% of all power-generated things in the world are powered by water?
There is a special process to makes this happen: water rotates the turbine, and the turbine rotates the parts of a generator.
You can create a simple yet powerful turbine and generator using the right gear, magnet, coil, and faucet.
Thermal Power
Mankind has been producing electricity by burning coal and other fossil fuels for a long time. But how exactly can we turn heat from fire into electricity?
To find out, go ahead and experiment with the burner, turbine, magnet and coils.
Solar Panel
Solar panels are quite popular nowadays because they are eco-friendly and produce very cheap electricity. You should know that the efficiency of such panels depends on weather conditions. We have a huge solar panel installed for you to tinker with in one of our labs. Watch out for the birds!

See what no one else sees
For young explorers of electricity, we have added a special ‘science view’ mode.
Do you see the round button in the lower left corner of the screen? Tap it, and voila…electrons! Discover where these tiny guys come from, how they travel, and what they do while moving.
Cool things electricity can do
You can turn electricity into whatever you want. Be it heat, or light, or even music.
By the way, have you ever tried to electrocute a pickle?
Do you feel like something is missing? What else would you like to see in our collection? Please, let us know.
Parent’s Guide

How to Make Electricity app comes with Parents’ Guide. You can easily find it in the app’s Parents Zone or download from our website. This guide will help you organize your child’s informal learning experience and incorporate valuable elements of education into playing process.

Parents’ guide contains:

  • basic information about electricity;
  • general explanation of physical phenomena observed in the app;
  • topics and questions for discussion and in-app experiments; and
  • links to useful online resources.
Science Education Point of View

I am extremely excited to see the app “How to make electricity” come alive. This app guides kids through different ways to generate electricity. In our everyday life, electricity is often perceived as a “black box”. We simply plug our devices into an electric socket and expect them to work! We rarely puzzle ourselves with a question “How does it work?” But with this new app, kids can learn and discover how electricity can be generated and what happens when you have too much of it. The app “How to make electricity” includes three virtual laboratories in which users can generate electricity using chemical reaction, hydraulic power, and solar energy.

We developed this application utilizing cognitive principles and conditions of leaning relevant for children of ages 6-8. Our application uses adapted models of physical phenomena that are comprehensible by children of the aimed age category. For example, chemistry activity in this app represents two levels of the Johnstone’s triange (particulate and macroscopic). Users can switch between different levels of representations. This allows kids to learn a concept at a deeper level, as well as connect abstract and concrete levels of electricity phenomenon. In addition, it raises awareness that several levels of representation of matter exist. This will prevent kids (who hopefully are future students) from developing misconceptions when studying science at a higher level. The app also contains attractive and visually pleasant representations that are interactive and accompanied by sound effects.

What I like the most about this product that it shows how you can generate electricity from everyday household items and how sometimes the outcome can be surprisingly unpredictable. I myself enjoyed playing with this app and I hope parents can join their children on exiting discovery path to electricity.

May the Force (and electric power) be with you,

Alexey Leontyev
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics
Adams State University

How to Make Electricity