Educational Narratives for Kids in VR: NAMOO Plant Cell

NAMOO Plant Cell VR
We’ve finished implementing VR view for the plant cell in our NAMOO app a few days ago. You can tell an experience is truly immersive if it makes you oblivious to the passing of time. While testing the VR part I’ve got amusingly lost inside the virtual cell exploring its inner life and initiating processes like photosynthesis and protein translation. I can only imagine how engaging this experience could be for kids in the classroom.
Initially, we’ve built a highly interactive plant cell simulation using the stunning low poly artwork of Alex Pushilin. Each simulation in the NAMOO app works as a science toy allowing children to play, explore, and discover interesting facts of the plant life. However, the addition of VR takes learning experience to the next level. Visual narrative conveyed in VR works best for modern kids literally putting the learners into the center of the story.
Cell by Alex Pushilin

Plant Cell by Alex Pushilin

The updated version of the NAMOO app featuring the VR experience for the Plant Cell chapter will be available soon.

About the NAMOO App

NAMOO is a fun, engaging exploration of the life of plants. Discover how leaves make food, experiment with underground root systems, or play with the parts of a plant cell! Interactive 3D simulations and straightforward language enable an immersive experience for curious minds.
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