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Electricity Week 2. Generator

Nearly all of the electric power on Earth is generated at power stations by electromechanical generators. An electric generator* is a machine that converts mechanical energy to electricity. *Note: a generator itself does not produce electric power. The primary components of all generators are magnets and wire coils. Every generator works on the basis of […]

Electricity Art Pieces

Elements of How to Make Electricity are so cute that you might want to take them out and use in your DIY projects. It’s easy. Download the PDF provided and use your imagination! Download the ‘How to Make Electricity‘ app from the App Store. Download free lite version of the ‘How to Make Electricity’ app.

Electricity Week 1. Batteries

Everyday we use various types of batteries without knowing much about how they work. Our very first ‘Electricity Week’ is dedicated to the simplest kind of battery – the voltaic cell. We start off with a scientific explanation and then move on to the experiment portion, where we describe fun and engaging projects you can […]

Lemon Battery Explained

This is a great video for all parents to watch before getting hands on the lemon battery project. Once you have a clear understanding of how it works, you can make your own child-friendly explanation story.