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Flowers are not just pretty to look at and nice to smell. They are the reproductive organs of a plant and each part serves an important function. About the NAMOO App NAMOO is a fun, engaging exploration of the life of plants. Discover how leaves make food, experiment with underground root systems, or play with […]

Let’s Play Electricity

Electricity is not an easy topic for grade schoolers. Given a choice between an hour-long lecture and a playful learning activity they always choose the latter. It is great when the fun leads to “Why?” and “How?” questions and further exploration. However, an attempt to poke Mr. Electricity who lives inside a power outlet with […]

Teaching Your Child to Read an Analog Clock: What’s Good to Know

Every child has their own “relationship” with time and clocks. A boy who’s doing great throughout elementary school can make simple but funny mistakes trying to tell time on an analog clock. And there are the surprised parents of the five-year-old who gracefully orients herself in time without any education. The specialists, of course, can […]