Always Feel Like Having Not Enough Time Spent with Your Children?

Do you get to spend enough time with your children? According to the statistics, it doesn’t seem like many parents do. Recently, American Time Use Survey announced that 23% of mothers, and 46% of fathers realize that they don’t spend enough time with their children. That is sad.

The best way to solve this problem must be to spend more time with your children, but it’s always easier said than done.

Then, what is the best way to spend time with your children?How about spending quality story time with them?One of the great things about storytelling is that it naturally leads to other conversations. As you know, we see them grow and develop, we hear of their recent activities, we learn what they are thinking by telling hem stroies. Actually, this post is about storytelling. We’ll suggest some great ways to encourage and enjoy storytelling. Through storytelling, you and your children become closer. Here are some wonderful tips.

1. Include Stickers or Stamps

We can use stickers & stamps to create a fun scene. Help them make up a story involving all the characters pictured in the scene. Sometimes, it’s good to challenge them to tell a different story using the same scene.

2. Using Story Cards

There are sets of cards that are made specially for storytelling. Each packet of cards generally have a certain theme, with characters that appear on different cards doing different things. You can help them line up the cards to make up their own stories. Take turns with your kids by lining up the cards and making up a bunch of your own stories.

3. Make a Book

Another great activity is making your own books.  Just fold up and staple some plain paper together. We can encourage them to be creative and tell imaginative stories. If it ever gets too difficult, we can tell a story from real life. When telling real life stories, we can listen to what they saw, what they heard, and what they are experiencing now-a-days. Sometimes, children really enjoy reading their own books even months after they’ve made them.

4. Combining Storytelling and Art

Children are more likely to tell stories aloud as they paint. Amazing drawing skills don’t matter here. First and foremost, we want to help your children develop and hold on to her enjoyment of art. That will encourage them to tell their story.

These are all some fun & interesting ways to encourage storytelling. What they all have in common, is that they all include a variety of tools or additional materials to engage children. It can be quite challenge to make them tell their stories with only paper books. Take some time to try one or all of these creative methods of storytelling… It is mush easier than you think.

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