Apps for future scientists and engineers.
Made by engineers.

Ethan and Sergey, co-founders of CRAYON BOX, grew up with crafts, nature science, and art as a big part of their lives. They were two kids who were in love with hands on projects, and were curious about all that’s within the universe, electricity, and substances of the world; which led them both to become engineers.

They remember as they were still young, all the toys and gadgets inspiring them to explore their imagination and eventually fulfilling their curiosity as they gained experienced inside the field. They seamlessly learned and gained knowledge and they believed they had possessed the most precious assets becoming engineers.

From what came from a small spark of curiosity, led Sergey and Ethan to the path of creating small laboratories for digital-native generated children to fulfill their curiosity. Their hope is to encourage the future scientists and engineers to have questions, and take part in the joy of discovery.